Emergencies Workshop


SPEAKERS: R. Rabelo (Brazil), G. Bueno (Brazil)
VENUE: FIBES II - Seville - Conference Venue
DATE: Thursday 20 October
TIME: 9.00 - 13.00
LANGUAGE: Workshops are presented in English
SEATS: 16 (with a minimum of 8 participants)
FEE: 600€ (400€ if you also register to the SEVC Scientific Programme)

How to anticipate and fight death in emergency situations

Emergency Medicine is an exciting and rewarding career choice, attracting individuals who enjoy variety and challenge. Emergency Vets are experts in identifying the critically ill and injured and providing safe and effective immediate care. In this hands-on session working with cadavers, delegates will learn how to correctly perform the most critical emergency procedures (i.e. how to manage a difficult airway with bougie guided intubation, cricothyrotomy and tracheostomy; venous and intraosseous access; thoracocentesis and thoracic drainage, damage control for massive abdominal bleeding, etc.), and how to approach and triage the emergency and critically ill patient. Participants will learn all the relevant maneuvers from the basics and from the physiological point of view. This is a real simulation of the most dramatic situations in an emergency room. Interactive, hands-on, unpredictable, inforgettable, be prepared for strong emotions!


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