Ultrasonography Workshop. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL


SPEAKERS: F. Vilaplana (USA)  and M. Soler (Spain)
VENUE: FEBES II - Seville - Congress venue
DATE: Friday 21 October
TIME: 12.00 - 14.00
LANGUAGE: Workshops are presented in English
SEATS: 24 (with a minimum of 10 participants)
FEE: 180€ (140€ if you also register to the SEVC Scientific Programme)

Identification of abdominal disease made easy! By attending this lab, participants will enhance their ultrasonographic interpretation skills and gain useful knowledge and tips for diagnosing difficult clinical cases in abdominal diseases.

In this interpretation lab, participants will review in groups, video clips of challenging or uncommon abdominal disorders. Identifying abnormalities and listing differential diagnoses as relevant to the case presented will enhance interpretation skills. Groups of 2 participants around a computer station will review clinical cases. For each case, a brief clinical history will be provided. The groups will then engage in identifying abnormalities and reaching a differential diagnosis list with pertinent clinical recommendations to manage the animal. Organizing the findings, prioritizing the differential diagnoses and interpretation tips will then be discussed with all groups. In this lab, participants with experience in ultrasound will review more challenging abdominal disorders.


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