Hematology Workshop


SPEAKERS: J. Pastor (SPAIN) F. Clemente (SPAIN)
VENUE: FIBES II . SEVILLE (Conference Venue)
DATE: Thursday 20 October
TIME: 11.15 - 14.15
LANGUAGE: Workshops are presented in English
SEATS: 20 (with a minimum of 10 participants)
FEE: 270€ (210€ if you also register to the SEVC Scientific Programme)

In case you are interested to do the following two workshops, we offer the CYTOLOGY PACK:
- Optical microscopy in haematology: key concepts for a successful diagnosis
- Optical microscopy in cytology: key concepts for a successful diagnosis
FEE: 406€ (Pack only available for veterinarians registered to the Scientific Programme)

VAT included

Put your microscope to use! Master the fundamentals of Hematology and learn how to diagnose a wide variety of pathologies. A practical and interactive lab!

blood smears. Participants will review cases first with individual microscopes and then collectively with a videomicroscope. Brief presentations will be made prior to each group of cases to prepare participants for the changes on the slides that represent certain pathologies. Participants will analyze different blood smears to obtain the maximum information then correlate it with the clinical history and physical examination of the animal in order to get a definitive diagnosis or to obtain useful prognostic information. Each participant will receive individual attention from the instructors during this interactive lab. Attendees will also have access to a virtual platform to view as many images as possible.


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