Marek Wojtacki
Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Dear Colleagues,
I deeply hope that many of you – veterinary surgeons - will go for the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) that will be held in November 2017 in Barcelona. The Conference is organized jointly by NAVC and AVEPA in this beautiful and full of tourist attractions city.
The Conference Center is localized in the core of the city of Barcelona and it provides optimal conditions for such a big event like SEVC and accompanying workshops and social events.
October in Barcelona also lets us enjoy the sun and constant atmosphere of the holiday and traveling in the summer. This is why going for SEVC gives the possibility to combine education and leisure, that match each other perfectly.
I’ll wait impatiently for all the participants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in Barcelona in 2017. I hope our group will be equally or even more numerous than it was last year.
With my best regards

Marek Piotr Wojtacki
tel.kom./mobile +48 530 70 37 45
e.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.