The SEVC's International Nursing Programme is now one of the most comprehensive such programmes in Europe. More than 250 nurses attend each year to learn the latest developments in veterinary nursing.

The official SEVC languages are English and Spanish. All lectures will be translated to anyother language


Friday 10 November

8:30-9:25How to increase the safety of the patient in Ophthalmic Anaesthesia. Nurse's tasks.
Miguel Cabezas (ES)
9:30-10:25HRole of the nurse in Paediatric Anaesthesia. Staying alert!
Miguel Cabezas (ES)
10:30-11:25Coffee Break
11:30-12:25What is BRIDGE?
Nuria Tabares(ES)
12:30-13:25Talking about money with clients.
Brian Faulkner (UK)
14:00-14:55Lunch Break
15:00-15:55Chronic kidney disease: navigating the diets.
Cecilia Villaverde (ES)
16:00-16:55Use of the CT in neurological patients.
Raúl Pedregosa (ES)
17:00-17:25Coffee Break
17:30-18:25They become old. What then? What to do with small mammals as they age.
Asier Basurco(ES)
18:30-19:25All I need to know about Guinea Pigs.
Asier Basurco(ES)

Saturday 11 November

8:30-9:25Laparoscopy and laparoscopic assisted surgery for Nurses: Equipment and principles.
Philipp Mayhew(US)
9:30-10:25Laparoscopic versus open surgery for ovariectomy and ovariohysterectomy.
Philipp Mayhew(US)
10:30-11:25Coffee Break
11:30-12:25Diagnosing the main vector-borne diseases in dogs and cats.
Laia Solano (ES)
12:30-13:2Treatment and prevention of major vector-borne diseases in dogs and cats.
Laia Solano(ES)
14:00-14:55Lunch Break
15:00-15:55Canine neonatology. Why are they born healthy and die afterwards?.
Fernando Mir(ES)
16:00-16:55Caesarean section in the bitch. What must we do?.
Simon Marti(ES)
17:00-17:25Coffee Break
17:30-19:25From home to the stay at the clinic: tips for reducing stress in dogs and cats.
Tomas Camps(ES)


The Nurse Programme is aimed to Veterinary Nurses. Registration to this Programme does not allow entry to the "Veteriarian Scientific Programme" Conference Rooms.

NURSE PROGRAMME Fee up to 17/07/2017 Fee up to 28/09/2017 Fee up to 8/11/2017 During the Congress
Nurse 328 € 354 € 373 € 415 €

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